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ENERGOT - Advanced Theme For CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor

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  • Ready for CS-Cart 4.11.5 and Multi-Vendor 4.11.5
  • Responsive design
  • RTL languages supported
  • Unlimited colors. Complete recoloring power
  • 3 Skins available
  • 15 Professional theme styles
  • Sticky Menu - main menu always visible
  • Dynamic product grid buttons: customizable colors
  • Image Lazy Loader for fast page loading
  • Advanced Search and Mega Menu Image addons
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Full documentation included

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ENERGOT is a professional theme for CS-Cart and Multivendor that was created to fit absolutely any type of store selling products like fashion, electronics, kids fashion or toys, wines, watches, sunglasses, footwear, lingerie, home stuff, mobile phones, multimedia or technical items, gifts, or anything else. It comes with 3 skins and 15 ready made styles, so you may choose the one which perfectly fits your needs, or you can customize any of them, or simply create your own style.

Included in the purchased package:
1. Template package to install on your store;
2. Detailed installation and user guide documentation with dynamic links;
3. Two addons: Mega Menu Image addon + Advanced Category Search addon;
4. Sample data for an easy start (demo banners, store settings, content images, content pages);
5. One year of FREE updates;
6. FREE 30 days standard support





Unlimited Colors - Complete recoloring power

Imagination will be your only limit. There will be unlimited colors available for you to customize your store according to your own best needs and wishes. Practically, with no programming knowledge, you can change your store look any time you want.

We have added several additional customizing options the CS-Cart default customization panel. You can easily recolor the theme thus always come with a new design in order to impress your clients and keep them coming back and buy again from your online shop.

Also, you should know that statistically, you have 3 seconds to make a new user stay on your site after landed on any page of your site. The way your store looks is also a part of the things needed to make them stay.


15 Professional Theme Styles Included

ENERGOT theme comes with 15 ready-to-go professional styles, virtually created to fit any type of store. One single click and your store gets a complete new design. We have added these styles to ENERGOT in order to save your time dedicated to store customization, thus having more time to concentrate on your business itself.

All of these styles can be fully or partially edited to even better fit your needs. Also, we have locked them in the theme customization panel, so in case you bring custom changes to any of the 15 styles, they will be saved under your own style, and, if you ever want to return to the original 15 styles, you can always activate them back.

To see these presets, please go on the theme demo site and click on the "Theme Editor" button on the middle left side. Once the customization panel opens, browse between styles in the "Styles" dropdown menu.


Sticky menu - Main Menu always visible

While your visitors browse your website and scroll down on a page, main menu always remains on top of the window. It gives more ease in navigation as users always have the main menu handy when they need to rapidly access a different category inside of your store. This feature is very useful especially for long store pages listing many products.


Mega Menu Customizations - Add Images & Colors

Inside of the ENERGOT theme package you'll find a Mega Menu Image addon created especially for our theme. Once you easily install it, you'll be able to add any image to the Mega Menu, this way giving an even better look to your store. You can assign any link to this image, promoting certain store categories, products or anything else. The image addon enables several options so you'll be able to position your image anywhere you want in the menu, you may even take it outside of the menu, as well as setting the menu window width and height.

Also, in the customizing panel we have included options to customize your Mega Menu colors, so you can add your own colors to the category links (both on active and on mouseover).


Category thumbnails in Mega Menu

Besides the images that can be added to the Mega Menu (using the included Mega Menu Images addon), all of your second level category thumbnail images will be automatically shown in the Mega Menu once you assign images to the respective subcategories, thus improving your store design quality and user experience. You may easily enable/disable these thumbnails with one click.



We all know how important the content is for search engines. Create SEO content and keep your clients informed through the clean and nicely designed ENERGOT blog pages. Add images, videos, text or any kind of HTML content. Also, let your users comment on your posts.


Advanced Category Search

Your customers need a more exact search to get the desired results faster. For this reason we have created an addon which allows your users to do a more exact search by looking for the desired products in a certain category. This addon comes together with ENERGOT theme and can easily be installed with a few clicks.

Using the Advanced Category Search, customers will save time and therefore increase their experience on your online store.


Dynamic Grid Buttons: customizable colors

This is a nice feature integrated in our ENERGOT theme. The grid buttons “Add to cart”, “Select options” and “Out of stock” have been assigned different colors as well as icons, so that the site users may distinguish them, thus creating a better user experience. The colors of those buttons are inherited from the colors already chosen for your store, thus nicely being integrated into the general store coloring.


Social Login/Register Buttons

Nowadays, almost everybody has a social account and probably anybody who buys products online. Social Login/Register Buttons will allow your customers or potential customers to save even more time by signing in or register on your store easier and faster by simply using their social accounts, thus increasing again the user experience.

The Social Login/Register Buttons are included anywhere there is a sign in form on the theme, so your users will always have them handy once they decide to login or register on your store.


Image Lazy Loader For Store Fast Loading

Store loading time is one of the most important aspects of any site, be it a simple site, store or a multistore with tens of thousands of products and many lots of users. Regardless of the store size, it needs to load fast and therefore do all the necessary optimizations towards this.

One of the optimization which helps reaching this goal is the Image lazy Loader. Through this feature, all store images are loaded only when needed, meaning they will be displayed as you scroll down the page. By implementing this feature, we have reduced the number of on-load server requests. Of course, loading speed depends on other factors as well, like server connection, image sizes you use, etc, so results may vary on your site.


Homepage Slider And Custom Banners

Emphasize or promote important products, categories, special discounts, shipping info, warranty info or just anything else, by using the homepage slider and banner blocks created in ENERGOT theme. In the main slider you may include as many slides as you want.

Please note that our theme comes with sample demo banners. You may start by adding these sample banners, just to get the feeling and change them once you create your own banners. Demo banners included in the package will help you have a quick start.


Homepage tabs

On homepage it is recommended to promote some particular products or just simply show your customers the best products you are selling on your shop. You can now easily do this by emphasizing on your home page: special products, best sellers, top rated, or any other products you want with the help of these tabs created for ENERGOT.


Home page product scroller

Here is another area where you can display any products of your choice. This might be a good side area to display your newest products, your latest arrivals, but you can show any products, like bestsellers, top rated, special products or any products you wish. This carousel is completely redesigned, from the way the product grid is shown to the arrows used to display the rest of the products included in the carousel scroller. You can include here any number of products you want.


Blog and Testimonials scrollers

We have integrated on the homepage a Blog scroller and a Testimonials scroller. The Blog scroller nicely displays the latest blog articles from your your Blog. You have the options of displaying any number of articles. The integrated testimonial scroller displays testimonials you received from your clients. These scrollers may also be placed in other theme locations.


Easy Category Navigation

Easy navigation is an important thing when it comes to user experience on your store. On category pages we have created a navigation block so that your users could always have all store categories handy and easily switch and browse through them.

Also, in case users land on other pages like "About us" page for example, they can still access categories by simply going to the Mega Menu and select the desired category they are interested in.


Category image, and Category description

On category pages you can include an horizontal banner as well as detailed category description. You can easily include here any details regarding the products listed on your site in a certain category. You may include any HTML code, text, images, video, links, etc..., or you may choose to not include any description.

Also, you can easily customize your category description text by choosing font colors, text styles, text, video and images alignment.


Sidebar banners

On product pages and category page sidebar we have added banner blocks designed for you to promote absolutely anything, as you'll be able to link these banners to any page of, or outside of your store. You may choose to disable these banners for certain categories or pages.

Please note that theme package contains sample sidebar banners, so you may use it at first just to test them out and change them with your own banners latter on.


Sidebar Product Listings and Product Scrollers

On the product page you may find sidebar product listings and product scrollers. You can add here any products of your choice like bestsellers, top rated, newest, most popular, recently viewed, or just simply manually add any products of your choice.

You can also set the number of products shown, so you may have more products shown in some categories and less products in others, whatever you wish. Note that in these listings and scrollers we have implemented product ratings, which when clicked, user is forwarded directly to the reviews tab of the respective product page.


Other theme features

  • Contact page with google maps to add your store location
  • Back to Top button for easy scroll back (very useful for longer pages)
  • Homepage Brands slider showing all brands from your store
  • Social linkable buttons
  • Product filters and price filter
  • NO CS-Cart core files modified
  • Ajax Add to cart, Add to Compare and Add to Wishlist, ajax pagination
  • One page checkout
  • Product social sharing/like
  • Newsletter subscription
  • IE9 (requires the IE 9 fix addon that comes with the theme)
  • IE10+
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Version 2.32

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.11.5 and Multi-Vendor 4.11.5 (08.09.2020)

Version 2.31

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.11.4 and Multi-Vendor 4.11.4 (14.05.2020)

Version 2.30

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.11.3 and Multi-Vendor 4.11.3 (12.02.2020)

Version 2.29

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.11.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.11.2 (11.12.2019)
  • Fixed an issue displaying product features when the type was set to Color then changed to a different type (11.12.2019)

Version 2.28

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.11.1 and Multi-Vendor 4.11.1 (14.11.2019)
  • Fixed the button tooltips when displayed above the buttons (14.11.2019)
  • Fixed an issue on the Testimonials page when the "Customer-to-Vendor Communication" addon is enabled on Multi-Vendor (14.11.2019)
  • Fixed the Wishlist button not working (18.11.2019)
  • Fixed a quick view default variable issue (18.11.2019)

Version 2.27

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.10.4 and Multi-Vendor 4.10.4 (17.09.2019)
  • Fixed an issue with quick view button being displayed when "Enable quick view" CS-Cart setting was unchecked (17.09.2019)

Version 2.26

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.10.3 and Multi-Vendor 4.10.3 (18.07.2019)

Version 2.25

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.10.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.10.2 (15.06.2019)
  • Removed the ad-container class from banners (15.06.2019)

Version 2.24

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.9.3 and Multi-Vendor 4.9.3 (11.02.2019)
  • Added support for the Multi-Vendor PLUS addons: Common Products for Vendors [Beta], Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments [Beta] (11.02.2019)
  • Modified the social login Google sign-in button to conform to Google's branding guidelines (11.02.2019)

Version 2.23

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.9.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.9.2 (22.11.2018)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (22.11.2018)

Version 2.22

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.9.1 and Multi-Vendor 4.9.1 (11.10.2018)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (11.10.2018)

Version 2.21

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.8.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.8.2 (20.08.2018)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (20.08.2018)

Version 2.20

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.8.1 and Multi-Vendor 4.8.1 (21.06.2018)
  • Added two products per row in grid and scrollers on mobile devices (21.06.2018)
  • Optimized the lazy loading functionality to speed up page load times (21.06.2018)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (21.06.2018)

Version 2.19

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.7.4 and Multi-Vendor 4.7.4 (11.05.2018)
  • Unified all 3 skins into a single installation with access to all 15 styles and easy switch between skins (11.05.2018)
  • Added automatic Demo banner installation with automatic banner assignation in layout for easier and faster manual installation (11.05.2018)

Version 2.18

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.7.3 and Multi-Vendor 4.7.3 (28.03.2018)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (28.03.2018)

Version 2.17

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.7.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.7.2 (22.02.2018)
  • Modified the default layout for all Skins to include Wishlist icon and the Call Request form (21.02.2018)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (21.02.2018)

Version 2.16

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.7.1 and Multi-Vendor 4.7.1 (26.01.2018)

Version 2.15

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.6.3 and Multi-Vendor 4.6.3 (15.11.2017)

Version 2.14

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.6.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.6.2 (11.08.2017)
  • Fixed slow page scrolling issue that appeared after multiple AJAX reloads (11.08.2017)
  • Fixed an issue with the IE 9 fix addon and the Theme Editor(11.10.2017)

Version 2.13

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.6.1 and Multi-Vendor 4.6.1 (28.06.2017)

Version 2.12

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.5.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.5.2 (10.04.2017)
  • Fixed breadcrumb order on RTL languages (10.04.2017)
  • Fixed sticky menu issues that appeared on certain combinations of resolutions and page heights (18.05.2017)

Version 2.11

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.5.1 and Multi-Vendor 4.5.1 (01.03.2017)

Version 2.10

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.4.3 and Multi-Vendor 4.4.3 (02.02.2017)

Version 2.9

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.4.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.4.2 (02.12.2016)

Version 2.8

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.4.1 and Multi-Vendor 4.4.1 (23.11.2016)
  • Added built-in theme language variables (23.11.2016)
  • Added support for the default CS-Cart "Vendor Plans" addon (MultiVendor only) (23.11.2016)
  • Added custom style for the Vendor Plans addon page (MultiVendor only) (23.11.2016)
  • Fixed minor errors generated in the Chrome Consle window (23.11.2016)

Version 2.7

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.3.10 and Multi-Vendor 4.3.10 (26.10.2016)
  • Fixed minor alignment issues (26.10.2016)

Version 2.6

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.3.9 and Multi-Vendor 4.3.9 (18.07.2016)
  • Fixed issues with the vertical scroller on Skin 3 (18.07.2016)

Version 2.5

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.3.8 and Multi-Vendor 4.3.8 (16.06.2016)
  • Fixed minor widget mode issues (16.06.2016)

Version 2.4

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.3.7 and Multi-Vendor 4.3.7 (18.05.2016)
  • Implemented Multi-Vendor microstore sidebar category to only display non-empty categories (18.05.2016)

Version 2.3

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.3.6 and Multi-Vendor 4.3.6 (24.03.2016)
  • Updated the Gift Certificate page design (24.03.2016)
  • Added H1 tag block for Skin1 and Skin2 (24.03.2016)
  • Adjusted product grid size when price with tax is displayed (24.03.2016)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (24.03.2016)

Version 2.2

  • Added one new skin (21.01.2016)
  • Added support for RTL languages (21.01.2016)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (21.01.2016)

Version 2.1

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.3.5 and Multi-Vendor 4.3.5 (24.12.2015)
  • Fixed minor bugs (24.12.2015)

Version 2.0

  • Theme code has been fully rewritten based on the "Responsive" theme as the "Basic" theme is no longer supported by CS-Cart (05.10.2015)
  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.3.4 and Multi-Vendor 4.3.4 (05.10.2015)
  • Added Mega Menu category image thumbnails option (05.10.2015)
  • Added cookie law popup (05.10.2015)
  • Added Blog functionality design (05.10.2015)
  • Added left side filters on search pages (05.10.2015)
  • Added brand logos in the “Our Brands” page (05.10.2015)
  • Added Blog and Testimonials scrollers on the homepage (05.10.2015)

Version 1.11

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.2.4 and Multi-Vendor 4.2.4 (01.12.2014)

Version 1.10

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.2.3 and Multi-Vendor 4.2.3 (31.09.2014)
  • Added support for live editor feature (31.09.2014)
  • Added support for the "Buy Now With 1-Click" button (31.09.2014)

Version 1.9

  • Added compatibility with CS-Cart 4.2.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.2.2 (02.09.2014)
  • Fixed google font loading issue on secure pages (02.09.2014)

Version 1.8

  • Added compatibility with CS-Cart 4.2.1 and Multi-Vendor 4.2.1 (28.07.2014)

Version 1.7

  • Added compatibility with CS-Cart 4.1.5 and Multi-Vendor 4.1.5 (27.05.2014)
  • Fixed minor issues (27.05.2014)

Version 1.6

  • Added compatibility with CS-Cart 4.1.4 and Multi-Vendor 4.1.4 (29.04.2014)
  • Changed the home page tabs creation code for easier tab adding (29.04.2014)
  • Fixed minor layout issues (29.04.2014)

Version 1.5

  • Added compatibility with CS-Cart 4.1.3 and Multi-Vendor 4.1.3 (20.03.2014)
  • Added scroll to top button (20.03.2014)
  • Fixed addon error when editing multiple categories (20.03.2014)
  • Fixed layout issues (20.03.2014)
  • Fixed some untranslatable variables (20.03.2014)
  • Optimized page sizes (20.03.2014)

Version 1.4

  • Added full compatibility with CS-Cart 4.1.2 and Multi-Vendor 4.1.2 (30.01.2014)
  • Theme and addon can be installed using the new CS-CART upload funcionality (30.01.2014)
  • Replaced "Home brands" block with the CS-CART "Brands" scroller (30.01.2014)
  • Using the new owl-scroller(faster and touch-friendly) instead of jscroller (30.01.2014)
  • Fixed some untranslatable variables (30.01.2014)

Version 1.3

  • Added completely 2 new skins (templates) (12.12.2013)
  • Added 10 new presets (5 for each of the 2 new skins) (12.12.2013)
  • Customized "Multicolumns small" product block (12.12.2013)
  • Customized position of social blocks on product page (12.12.2013)
  • Customized newsletter block content (12.12.2013)
  • Fixed product grid issues (12.12.2013)
  • Fixed product list issues (12.12.2013)
  • Fixed some untranslatable variables (12.12.2013)

Version 1.2

  • Added completely reworked add-on to configure drop-down images (13.11.2013)
  • Added category description on category page (13.11.2013)
  • Added subcategories with pictures on category page (13.11.2013)
  • Added scrollable product images on front page tabs (13.11.2013)
  • Fixed product grid issues (13.11.2013)
  • Fixed some untranslatable variables (13.11.2013)

Version 1.1

  • Added more color options than the default CS-Cart panel provides (26.10.2013)
  • Added 5 out-of-the-box presets (26.10.2013)
  • Main menu is now always visible (26.10.2013)
  • Added transition effect to product grid arrows (26.10.2013)
  • Added fully recolorable glyphs instead of background images (26.10.2013)
  • Fixed some width issues, template is now true 980px grid (26.10.2013)
  • Fixed some untranslatable variables (26.10.2013)

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release (14.10.2013)


Q. Can I use the purchased theme for a development storefront URL?

A. Please note that a theme license will be issued for your registered storefront URL and our theme will work ONLY on the registered/licensed storefront URL. However, we do understand that sometimes you need to test your work before you transfer it on the production URL.

For this reason, at your request, we provide a free permanent development license for each theme license purchased. In this case, please contact us here (choose the "Licensing" department) and send us the development URL address so that we may license it. The development license will be issued at no cost, however, the development URL should always be closed for public access, and should be used exclusively for development purposes only.


Q. I purchased the theme together with Professional installation service and/or Additional options. What's next?

A. If you have purchased our theme together with Professional theme installation and/or any of the Additional optional services like “Create a custom color style” or “Professional CS-Cart installation”, we’ll send you an email requesting the necessary details (like FTP, store admin login details, etc…) so that we may be able to perform the required services. The details we need depend on the service/services purchased. The email will be sent in the same business day after your purchase is made.

Should your purchase be outside of our business hours, then the email will be sent in the next business day. Note that our business hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 19:00, GMT+2. Also, please make sure you add our emails (office[at] and support[at] to your address book so that we avoid any miscommunication.


Q. What updates will I get included it the theme package and when can I get them?

A. Firstly, whenever CS-Cart releases a new version/update, we immediately start the work on making the theme compatible with the latest CS-Cart release so that you’ll always be up to date. Depending on the CS-Cart update complexity, it might take more or less to also update our theme to make it compatible with the latest CS-Cart version.

Secondly, there could be other updates including bug fixes (in case of any) and/or additional features we decide to implement in our theme.

All the theme version history including all changes/features added to each theme, may be found under the CHANGELOG tab on any theme presentation page. So you may want to periodically check the CHANGELOG tab content to find out about new theme updates.

Once we release a theme update, all the information regarding the update will be added under the CHANGELOG tab, and the theme updated archive will be available in the Downloads area of your account where you can download it from.


Q. What does “Create a custom color style” option means?

A. Our themes come together with a various number of ready-made color styles that you can use. However, if none of these ready-made styles perfectly fit your needs or you want to adjust/change the theme colors, although you can completely recolor the theme by yourself from the CS-Cart customization panel, in case you don’t have any ideas combining colors, do not have time for it, or simply don’t want to bother, etc..., we can take care of this for you. We’ll create a custom color style according to your desired colors and nicely combine them.


Q. How can I view the theme styles and test customization options?

A. Please go to our Demo site. Then, on the left side of the screen you will see a button called “THEME EDITOR” Click on this button and the customization palette will open. Feel free to play around as much as you wish. Changes will not be saved, however you’ll be able to see all changes in real time.


Q. If I want some custom changes to the theme, can you make them for me?

A. Yes, we can bring further customization to the theme after your purchase to better fit your wishes. Just Request a quote and let us know what your needs are. We’ll get back to you in maximum 24 business hours with a price and time frame quotation.