SEO Links For Vendor Stores (delivered with VIVAshop Multi-Vendor only)


The “SEO links for vendor stores” add-on adds clean URL support for vendor stores. SEO is a common acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The add-on helps you optimize your marketplace for search engines and improve its ranking.


Optimization consists in replacing unattractive dynamic URLs like containing query strings and ancillary data with clean search engine friendly URLs like:


Such URLs not only help search engines to index store pages, but they also improve your customers’ experience, as clean URLs are human-readable and thus are easy to perceive and remember.


Note that the addon is based on the default Multi-Vendor "SEO" addon and inherits the settings for the Product SEO URL format, Category SEO URL format and Page SEO URL format, as well as the settings related to the languages: "Show additional language in the URL" and "Use single URL for all languages". For more information regarding the "SEO" addon please visit the official CS-Cart documentation available here.



Add-on settings


Please follow the steps below in order to learn how to customize the clean links of your marketplace:

  • Step 1

In your admin panel, go to “Website” - “SEO” - “VIVAshop SEO rules for vendor stores”


  • Step 2

Here you may customize the resulting links for various dispatches


  • Step 3

When you are done click the “Save”