Important notes


  • The theme folder may not be changed as some files paths require this folder name. Also, the folder name is required in order to activate the theme and not overwrite other installed themes. Should you change the theme folder name, the theme will stop working. Besides this, as part of our theme copyright, you are not allowed to rename the theme folder.


  • A VIVAshop license for a single storefront URL (for CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor) can be installed and will work ONLY on the storefront URL you have declared/registered when you made the license purchase.
    If you have a VIVAshop license for unlimited storefront URLs (for CS-Cart Ultimate/Multi-Vendor Ultimate) you may use the theme on an unlimited number of storefront URLs under the SAME CS-Cart Ultimate/Multi-Vendor Ultimate installation. This license will work on ONE single CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor Ultimate installation, it will not work on separate CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor Ultimate installations. In other words, all of the licensed URLs must be registered under the same CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor Ultimate installation. Also, if you have purchased VIVAshop Ultimate for CS-Cart Ultimate/Multi-Vendor Ultimate (unlimited storefront URLs), the theme will only work on the URL(s) you have declared/registered when you made the license purchase, as well as on any URL you request us to license after your license purchase. Please note that the licensed URL(s) may be changed at any time and for as many times you want. Whenever you want us to change a licensed URL of yours, all you need to do is to send us your request by simply clicking here.


  • Before installing VIVAshop Ultimate we recommend you do disable any third party add-ons, except for the default add-ons that came with your CS-Cart/CS-Cart Ultimate software, as third party add-ons may interfere with or overwrite the theme code, thus resulting in incomaptibility issues. Also, we recommend reverting any third party core changes you have made to your CS-Cart/CS-Cart Ultimte core files.


  • We fully guarantee theme compatibiliy with the add-ons that we have specifically designed and developed for VIVAshop Ultimate and provided with in the theme purcahsed package. We also guarantee any eventual customizations you requested us to perform for you by using our customization services. However, we do not quarantee compatibility with any third party add-ons installed or any third party customizations/modifications done by any third party developer, other than EnergoThemes, not do we offer any assistance for issues generated by such third party add-ons/customizations.modifications. Such assistance needs to be required from the third party developer.


  • For the best results reflecting our demo stores, all of the theme files and add-ons provided with the theme need to be insatlled


  • Your site may differ from our demo stores after theme installation, as the final result depends on your own content, categories, banners, etc.. If you are using a brand new CS-Cart/CS-Cart Ultimate installation with CS-Cart/CS-Cart Ultimate demo data, by installing the Theme and its included demo data you will get to the same rusult as on our demo sites. However, demo data included in the theme package does not inlcude our demo product and category database which may be seen on our demo stores.


  • VIVAshop Ultimate is provided “as is”, and any theme changes, in addition to the features/options that the theme came with, are subject to our paid customization services, and any customization requests should be sent only by accessing the following link: . Once you sent your request we’ll get back to you with a quote in the shortest possible time.


  • Theme only works with a valid licese key. We are not supposed to send you a license number, the way you find your license key is explained under section ”License activation” of this documentation guide.


  • You are not authorized to add anywhere on your website using any of our themes: "Designed by Your Company", "Designed by", "Developed by Your Company" or "Developed by", or any related phrases. You only have the option to keep "Designed by EnergoThemes" link, which is optional. Also, as part of our copyright you are not authorized to rename the theme files and/or folders.


  • For the best results, please follow each and every step described in this documentation guide in order to learn how to install, activate and configure the theme.