VIVAshop settings


We have included the theme setting options directly in the “VIVAshop settings” add-on which comes included in the theme package, and which you have already instilled under section Installing add-ons. Therefore, to choose your theme settings please follow the steps below:


  • Step 1

In your admin panel, go to “Add-ons” - “Manage add-ons”


  • Step 2

Scroll down and look for the “ET - VIVAshop settings” add-on, and click on it


  • Step 3

In the newly opened pop-up window choose your options for “VIVAshop functionality settings”


A: Product title rows - The number of rows you want to display for the product title on product Grid View listings. Available options are the following:
  • 1 row
  • 2 rows
  • 3 rows
B: Scroll up button position - Select the position where you want the back to top button to be displayed
  • Right
  • Left
  • Off
C: Brand page type - Choose how to display brands on the Brands page.
  • Image
  • Text
D: Filters - Set how you want the filters to be displayed
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
E: Sidebar categories - Display the full tree of categories, or collapse then
  • Collapsed
  • Expanded