Featured Product And Banner Tabs


The “Featured Product And Banner Tabs” add-on allows you to add un unlimited number of customizable tabs per each block. featuring any products of your choice, as well as up to 2 banners per each tab. For Multi-Vendor users, this can also be a great monetizing tool as you can promote any products of your Vendors, as well as promote anything you want though the use of your banners. In these blocks you can add extended banners that you have already learned how to create under section “Extended Banners Pro”.



Please follow the steps below in order to learn how to create and customize a block with Featured Product And Banner Tabs. NOTE: The demo blocks from our demo site will automatically be installed if you have closen to install the demo content under section “Installing demo data”


  • Step 1

Before you start, please meka sure to have your banners already created. So, go to “Marketing” - “Banners” and ceate your banner. You can also create advanced banners with the help of the ”Extended Banners Pro” add-on. Note that you can add up to 2 (two banners) per each tab. Should you want to add 2 banners, the recommended width of each banner is 785px, and the banners heights is at your own choice, but both banners need to have the same height. On our demo site we have used a height of 276px for each banner. Should you want to add 1 banner, the recommended width is 1580px, and the banner height is at your own choice.. On our demo site we have used a height of 276px for the banner.


  • Step 2

Once you have created your banners, go to “EnergoThemes: Add-ons” - “Featured product and banner tabs”


  • Step 3

In the next page click on the right side “Plus” to add a new “Featured Products And Banner Tab”. For exemplification, we have cliked on the tab called “Best Electronics” that we have created on our demo site.


  • Step 4

In the newly opned page, under the “General” tab, choose your settings as follows:


A: Title - Choose a title for your tab. We have named our example block ”Best Electronics”
B: Colors - You have two options: “Use style color” and “Custom colors”. So, choose “Use style colors” if you want to use the already pre-defined VIVAshop style colors (from your current chosen style), or choose “Custom colors” if you want to use your own custom colors
C: Block title color - If you have chosen to add your own custom colors, pick the color for your block title text
D: Block title border - The title border is the live right below the title and tab names. Pick the color for your block title border
E: Tab title color - Pick the color dor tour tab title
F: Tab title active color - Pick the color for the active tab title. This colors is also used for ehwn a tab is hovered


  • Step 5

In the newly opned page, under the “Tabs” tab, choose your settings as follows:


A: Position and Title - Choose the position of your tab in the “Featured Products And Banner Tabs” block, as well as it title
B: Add products - Click on the “Add products” button to select the products you want to feature under your tab
C: Product display options - Check this box if you want to customize the way the products are displayed
C1: Product title rows - Number of rows to display product titles on
C2: Columns - Number of columns to display product on
C3: Thumbnail width - Set the product immage thumnail width in pixels
D: Banner 1/Banner 2 - Click on the “Add banner” button and choose one or two banners to display under your tab
E: Add tab - Click on the “Add tab” to add another tab, and choose its settings by follwoing the same steps as above. Repeat this process to add as many tabs as you want


  • Step 6

Once you have created your content for the “Featured Product And Banner Tabs”, all you need to do now is to simply allocate this content to their respective blocks. For example, we have placed the ”Best Electronics” block on the homepage, so we need to allocate its content now. So, we need to go to “Design” - “Layouts” and click on the “Homepage” tab.


  • Step 7

Scroll down the page and, look for the “Best Electronics” block and click on its. “Block options” gear icon


  • Step 8

In the newly opened pop-up window, under the “General”, give your block your desired custom name. “Template” should remain “ET - Featured products and banners” .


  • Step 9

Next, under the “Content” tab, click on the “plus” sign from the ”Block” field, in the new page, choose “Best Electronics” block, then click on the bottom “Save” button


  • Step 9

Repeat the above 9 steps in order to create as many “Featured Products And Banner Tabs”, and assign them to their respective blocks