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We always recommend to all of our customers to run any tests and/or development on different URLs, other than their live URLs, before moving everything to the live URLs. So, we understand the importance of having a development/testing URL to undergo your development, thus you will not affect your production URLs if anything goes wrong.

For this reason, for every VIVAshop single storefront URL license purchase, we license a development/testing URL of yours free of charge. However, please note that the licensed development/testing URL needs to always be closed for general access, as well as used for development/testing purposes only. Also, the development URL address may not be a stand alone URL address like "", but can only be a subdomain or subfolder of your already licensed live URL, and which should contain words like “dev”, “test”, “staging”, or anything similar. Please use the form below to request your development/testing URL to be licensed.

For VIVAshop unlimited storefront URLs license, you can add as many live and development/testing URLs under the same CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor installation. Please use the form below to request additional URLs to be licensed. In this case, there is no restriction for the development/testing URLs.

Also, please note that any of your licensed URLs may be changed at any time, and for as many times as you want. Please also use the form below in order to request your URL change(s).

IMPORTANT! The development/testing URLs must be real registered internet accessible URLs. This means that the theme cannot be licensed for a local machine using the "localhost" URL. We suggest you to use development subdomains or subdirectories like for example "" or ""

Your request will be answered as soon as possible, usually within 24 business hours. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 19:00, GMT+2. Should you not see a reply from us in your email inbox, please check your SPAM folder as well. Also, please add our email server [at] to your favorites to ensure our response email isn't marked as spam. 

*** NOTES ***
1) The "License number(s) you are refrring to" represents the license number that you are making your inquiry about, or that you want the URL(s) added/changed to; 
2) The email request for licensing URL(s) need to come from the email address the license was purcahsed with.