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Report a bug

Found a bug in the VIVAshop theme ?

Great! Thank you for that! Let us know about it so that we may fix it ASAP


We always love when we receive a bug report from any of our customers using our VIVAshop theme and its add-ons. If you ever detect a bug in VIVAshop we strongly encourage you to let us know about it ASAP so that we may fix it in the shortest time. We really appreciate your effort in helping us making VIVAshop better and better.

However, before submitting a bug, let’s just make sure it’s actually a bug and not an issue related to other causes, so please make sure that the following conditions are met:

  Check our VIVAshop Ultimate demo site and/or VIVAshop Multi-Vendor demo site for in order to see if the problem is also present on our demo stores. What you may see on our demo sites is the exact same code as what has been provided to you for download in the Downloads area of your account. So if the issue does not appear on our demo sites, then the issues most probably related to other causes.

  Disable (one by one) any eventual third party custom changes and/or third party add-ons (EXCEPT for the addons that the VIVAshop theme comes with). This will be a great way in helping you to easily identify what causes an issue, thus saving you time as you'll know who to contact for assistance.

  Study the CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor documentation in order to learn how to correctly use the CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor software;

  Your CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor software is correctly configured as per the CS-Cart guidelines;

  You have the correct theme/add-on versions installed on the correct CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor version;

  You have correctly installed/updated/activated/configured the theme/add-ons as per our documentation guides.

  Study the VIVAshop theme documentation guide, as the answers to your inquiries might refer to theme usability/functionality, and thus the answers may be found right there.


If everything above is checked, please use the form below to report the bug. We’ll analyze your report and get back to you as soon as we finish our investigation. Response time will depend on the case complexity, but rest assured that we’ll respond in the shortest time possible, as fxing any issues in our products is in our direct interest, so we can make our products better and better.